Prenuptial Settlement Mediation

Prenuptial settlement mediation is a very good way of agreeing the terms of a prenuptial settlement in a straightforward manner with guidance from an impartial third party, helping couples to focus sensibly and sensitively the pre-nuptual issues. These issues can be embarrassing to face. There may all sorts of family pressures. Even considering the possibility of the marriage not working, can be so painful. We understand all of this and can help to steer you through the process efficiently and with consideration. We were established in 2004 to help couples settle any matters they wish to resolve in a process that is considerate of their needs and what agreements should be in place.

Our prenuptial settlement mediation service offers couples informed guidance on all aspects of the prenuptial process. It allows couples to consider sensible steps that they can take with issues that may become sources of conflict, as well as any financial planning that may be required. We have helped many couples reach agreements over the years, our qualified mediator can provide couples with well informed and impartial advice from a neutral perspective.

During the prenuptial settlement mediation service, there will be a meaningful and responsible discussion on which issues need to considered first and foremost, for example the needs of the children from current and past relationships, as well as children that may be present following the marriage. Although we do not wish for the worst to happen, it is sensible and pragmatic to ensure that suitable provision is made for the finances in the event of a separation, should the worst case scenario happen. With our prenuptial settlement mediation service, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a realistic as well as sensitive approach to the matter.

For more information about our prenuptial settlement mediation service, or for confidential advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Having been providing mediation services since 2004, we have vast amounts of expertise that allows us to provide with the information you may need and what your options are.