Family Mediation

Family mediation is recommended as the best method of resolving the matters when families are experiencing conflict that has come as a result of separation, divorce or other family disputes. Mediation focusses on each issue appropriately and can demonstrate that a properly managed mediation session can facilitate communication which can enable seeing the other person’s point of view so that respect and acceptance can sprout again. Mediation is intended to focus on the wellbeing of those involved, particularly the needs of children caught up in the dispute.

We have successfully offered an effective family mediation service for many scenarios since 2004. Our family mediation service has helped with all kinds of family disputes that have arisen from divorce or separation. Our mediator is not only a very experienced family mediator but also a very experienced family barrister who has particular expertise in the whole process. The facilities we have are suitable for all matters. We aim to resolve matters outside of lengthy and expensive court battles, hopefully generating an outcome that all parties can agree with.


Family Mediation with an Impartial & Professional Mediator

Family mediation is a completely voluntary process where families or couples can receive impartial and professional support, that will help reach agreements about difficult issues such as money, property or children. Our mediator is completely impartial, favouring neither side with the intention of resolving the issue or allowing the involved parties to reach an agreement on how to settle the dispute.

Family mediation offers families the ability to discuss matters together in a neutral environment, with the assistance of a qualified mediator. The process can aid families to move on from their current situation and to reach a suitable outcome. Furthermore, there is pleasant accommodation available to provide a suitable location for families to resolve their disagreements or to reach an agreement on how to go forward from the matter.

If you need a confidential and effective family mediation service, please come to us. We have vast amounts of experience in all types of family disputes and other difficult matters, having dealt with family disputes since 2004. We can help you to achieve a result that is as good as possible for all involved, particularly those who are likely to be affected the most. If you would like more information regarding our family mediation service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.