Child Mediation

Child mediation is a quicker and easier way to settle any arrangements after the parents have separated. A custody battle in court is significantly more expensive than mediation service and most importantly, reduces the detrimental consequences for the children. It well known that children can be damaged by parent’ hostility to each other. Any separating couple should resort to a court battle as a last resort, with child mediation being the preferred method of resolving such disputes. Furthermore, child mediation can be resolved much more quickly than court proceedings. Resolving disputed issues quickly is better for parents and children.

Child mediation is the sensible and responsible alternative to a complicated custody battle. Utilising the services of an experienced, impartial mediator encourages an amicable resolution of the dispute. Child mediation is frequently involves face to face meetings with the parents, though sometimes it is better if the parties remain in separate rooms with the mediator passing between them, or even with the parties meeting with the mediator at separate times. In addition, it is possible for a suitably qualified mediator to meet the children and feed back their views on the matter, should it be required. This is frequently very helpful for the child and his parents. Our child mediation service prioritises the wellbeing of the child and aims to reduce the impact of a custody battle.

A qualified child mediator will address both parties in an impartial, pragmatic manner, favouring the best outcome for the children involved in the process rather than one side or the other. An effective mediator will seek to reduce conflict between the parties and create an environment where the needs of the child are considered first and foremost. Separation and divorce can be a difficult time, particularly for a child that may not understand the situation, therefore it is important that the matter is dealt with efficiently, with both sides cooperating to reach the best possible outcome.

We have been offering child mediation services since 2004, having helped many couples come to a mutual decision without the need of a difficult and stressful court battle. If you need confidential and effective child mediation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will gladly provide you with the information you require.