Financial Mediation

Financial mediation is an effective process that allows separating couples to resolve their financial disputes and to achieve a fair and sensible outcome. Separation can create an atmosphere of distrust, making the resolution of monetary matters difficult and almost impossible without the aid of an impartial third party. We can provide you with the information about your realistic expectations when income, assets and pensions are to be divided between parties. Financial mediation encourages open disclosure of the financial positions of each individual to reach an appropriate settlement that the separating couple can agree to.

By discussing your financial issues in an open, neutral environment, it is easier to reach a satisfying conclusion to the dispute, without the need of an expensive and time-wasting court case. Resolving the matter through financial mediation allows you to skip the outcome of a judge imposing a solution that nobody agrees with. Our qualified and experienced mediators can aid you in the resolution of financial disputes, providing you with an impartial voice that can provide the appropriate support that each person will need in such a difficult time.

Financial mediation involves an experienced mediator that can provide the relevant information and allows people to resume communication which ultimately helps to achieve a suitable outcome. Approaching such issues in a responsible and impartial manner allows both parties to reach an amicable decision much more quickly. When attending family mediation services, an agreement does not become legally binding until legal advice has been taken, it is often a good idea to remain in touch with a suitable legal advisor throughout the mediation process.

Furthermore, financial mediation is carried out through a series of meetings to allows us to get the best possible result for each party. Meetings are flexible to the requirements of the client, seeking to minimise the stress of the situation.

If you would like additional information regarding our financial mediation service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are experts in financial mediation, having provided mediation services for all kinds of disputes since 2004.